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Come back often in the next months

I started programing VB about one year ago. Even if I know it is not THE language, I appreciate the incremental programming it allows. I did not know VB3 and previous versions, so I started with objects, the other side I appreciate. Maybe (surely) in the next months, I'll go to JAVA, but I still want to finish a set of Antique Post Cards management softwares I started, to produce listings of my collection (see other sections of my pages).

These pages will be updated with code I developed for my own purpose. In particular, as I am a lazy programmer, I developed a set of re-usable classes for standard applications, so that I just develop once what I need for several applications.

These pages give some sources I use regularly, and that can be shared as they are.
They also describe classes available as source files and projects of the other section.

These pages give access to VB projects that can be downloaded. All downloadable modules are made of source code of the class, a documentation in Microsoft Word format, and a test VB project to demonstrate the class.

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